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Santa Grams

Personalised Video Message From Santa! 


The most magical time of the year is just around the corner, so don't hesitate to order your Santa Grams today!

Get ready to create unforgettable Christmas memories for your little ones with a personalised video messages from Santa himself! This Christmas, let Santa Grams bring the holiday magic right to your doorstep. 

Don't settle for computer generated videos or templated messages! Every one of our videos is custom produced, completely tailored to your requests, and entirely unique! Santa Grams is currently available for: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, United States of America and Canada. 

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Enjoying watching Santa on the TV

How Santa Grams Works:

1. Create Your Santa Gram:

Simply visit our website and follow the easy steps to create a personalised video message for your child. Tell us a bit about them by answering a few short questions, and Santa will do the rest! If there's anything in particular you want Santa to say (or not say), please mention it in the form when you book.

2. Receive Your Magical Video From Santa:

In no time, you'll receive a heart warming video message from Santa Claus via email, tailor-made for your child. Santa will speak directly to them, mentioning their name and sharing some festive magic.

3. Watch the Wonder Unfold:

Gather your family around the screen and watch the joy on your child's face as they hear Santa's message. It's a moment you'll want to relive year after year.


What’s Special About Santa Grams?

  • Unforgettable Moments: There's nothing quite like the look of amazement and pure happiness on a child's face when they hear Santa Claus say their name and share a special message just for them. Santa Grams creates unforgettable moments that your family will treasure for years.

  • Tailored Just for Your Child: Each Santa Gram is personalised with your child's name and a message that warms the heart. Santa knows all about their accomplishments, wishes, and dreams, making each message unique and magical.

  • Convenient: In a world where convenience matters, Santa Grams are a perfect fit. No need to brave the cold and long lines at the shopping centre to see Santa in person. Santa Grams brings the Christmas cheer to the comfort of your own home.

  • Bilingual Santa: At Santa Grams, we take pride in offering a truly magical and inclusive experience for families of different backgrounds. When you request a personalised video message from Santa at Santa Grams, you can specify your preferred language between English or French. Our bilingual Santa will then craft a heartfelt and customised message in the language of your choice.

  • Don't Miss Out On The Magic! 

    We can't wait to be part of your family's holiday traditions! Give your child the gift of wonder, joy, and enchantment with a personalised video message from Santa Claus.

    Christmas is all about creating cherished memories and experiencing the magic of the season, and Santa Grams is here to make that happen. Join us in making this holiday season truly unforgettable!


    Santa Grams Packages

    This Christmas, we have some fantastic deals to make your Santa Grams experience even more magical. Choose from our specially crafted packages that suit your family's unique needs:

    Please note: all Individual and Family Package Santa Grams are more than just a video; it's a treasured keepsake that your child will revisit time and again.

    Individual Package - $45

    What’s included?

    Santa will create a heart warming, personalised video message dedicated entirely to your little one. The entire video revolves around them, their successes, and their accomplishments from the year. Every detail is considered, ensuring your child feels cherished and celebrated. 

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    Family Package - $60

    What’s included?

    With up to four children included, each child gets their moment in the spotlight. No one is left out; everyone shares in the joy and enchantment of a personalised message from Santa. The Santa Grams Family Package fosters a sense of togetherness as your family gathers around to watch Santa's heart warming message. 

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    Grandparent Package- $99.95

    What’s included?

    (includes up to three family videos)

    Santa will create three heart warming, personalised video messages dedicated entirely to your grandchildren. With up to three videos available in this package, you have the option to include multiple grandchildren in each video, or a single grandchild for each video. Every detail you provide is included, whether it be your grandchildren's successes and accomplishments from throughout the year, or what they would like Santa to bring them for Christmas, ensuring they feel cherished and celebrated. This package includes up to three family videos.

    Please note: this package is not only available for grandparents. Parents and friends are also invited to purchase this package for their children. In fact, we recommend this package for parents with three children as this is a budget-friendly way of ordering individual videos for each child!

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    For a Different Family Size or Combination:

    If you have a different combination or a larger family, we're here to accommodate your needs. Reach out to us for a specialty package, and we'll ensure your family can enjoy the magic of Santa Grams.

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