Creating Outstanding Creative Portraits in a Natural Enviroment



Contrary to popular belief, it does matter what you wear for a portrait regardless of whether it’s colour or black and white. Here’s some advice concerning colours, clothes, and styles to help you get the best possible results from your session. 

Clothing should complement, not dominate the portrait. Bold patterns, stripes, and distinctive logos can overpower the people in the portrait. Simple clothing that is in a similar tonal range, will result in a more pleasing portrait, ensuring that one family member does not stand out more than another. Light: white, cream, faded denim or pastels Medium: Tans, Khaki, mid denim Dark: Red, navy, brown, black or dark denim (most flattering when wanting to conceal areas of your figure)

Children: can be so candid and a professional portrait truly captures their innocence forever. It’s important that they’re comfortable and happy, so bring with you their favorite toy or security item. Newborns look beautiful all natural on a simple yet striking background or in simple plain coloured outfits, as well as portraits with mum and dad wearing black. Babies up to 10 months old photograph perfectly in the studio wearing cloth nappies (if you have them)

For men: long pants/jeans photograph better than shorts dark shoe are advisable. If you are still unsure on the day it’s always advisable to bring along a variety of options and we can help you in the final selection.

Ladies: cover-up, no mini skirts or singlets, smart casual always looks great. Long or ¾ sleeves are always more flattering.

Make-up: should be used to highlight the features and contours of your face. Your foundation should be smooth and provide an almost flawless finish- don’t use too much, but just a little more than usual. Don’t overuse lip gloss and keep lips to a medium toned lipstick, lips should appear slightly darker than your skin tone. Avoid hot pinks, deep browns, and reds.


 Why is Pet/Family Portraits so important?

Our pets always bring a smile to our face and my photography aims to capture those special moments.  This could be the relationship you have developed with your pet and the deep emotional connection you share together or a showcase of your pet’s quirky personality.
Every pet photography session is different and is catered to your dog’s unique personality, structuring it around what works best for you and your dog.  My sessions are focused on capturing those real moments, in our natural setting, having fun and feeling comfortable. We always have your pet’s best interest at heart and work to make sure they are safe and comfortable in their surroundings.

Does my pet need to be trained? While it does help if your pet has had some basic training and responds to commands, it’s not always necessary to be able to get great photographs of them. I’m not a professional dog trainer, so this is where I will get your support and co-operation to assist me with commanding your dog, gaining their attention and keeping them focused. We will also capture your interactions with your dog. We ask that you bring along any of your dog’s favorite toys or treats that you would normally use with them and know they respond well to. If your dog needs to remain on the lead this is not a problem, in fact, sometimes this is best for safety reasons and the lead can always be removed in my post-processing.
My aim is to capture your dog being a dog. Sometimes it’s a matter of just going with the flow no matter your dog’s training or energy level we can always achieve beautiful images and this is just part of capturing their personality.