Creating Outstanding Creative Portraits in a Natural Enviroment

About Photos By Sharlene

Sharlene is Sydney’s leading lifestyle photographer based in Annangrove, Sydney’s Hills Shire District for over 25 years. 
After numerous years of professional experience in capturing the magic of holiday cheer through Santa Photography, Sharlene has ventured into the dynamic world of videography. Santa Grams is the culmination of years spent creating joyful, festive memories for families and children, now brought to life through the vivid storytelling of personalised messages from Santa Claus.


Providing fabulous portraits you will have memories of happiness for many years to come. Sharlene is sought after for her distinctive style and approach to photographing young children and families.
Been gifted in her ability to connect with people. Sessions at the studio allow Sharlene to take advantage of the truly gorgeous rural setting surrounding the 6-acre property.
You will hear the bellbirds singing, it’s truly a beautiful setting to smile, laugh and relax.
Sharlene wants you to look at your pictures and smile because you’ve seen that face a million times before. To hear you laugh out loud because she managed to catch one of those looks that describes your child in their natural way.
Being a mother of three children, Sharlene understands how quickly children grow and how unique each individual child is. Your family is so special and memories last a lifetime, opportunities get missed when life is so busy.

Photos by Sharlene specialise in the following areas of photography:

~ Capturing your family from birth, and beyond~



So, you’d think that all the babies that are just born and come in for a photo shoot would be sleeping all through their sessions, right?

Well, wrong! We love it when this happens because we believe that the session should be all about the baby's expression.

Not all babies sleep during their newborn photo shoot! So, occasionally I have the pleasure of seeing the gorgeous little bundles of joy who visit me wide awake and are ready to take a good look around them.



I love you more than the moon, the stars, and the sky above.


Sharlene has certainly found her distinct style in children's photography, she is comfortable to be herself and continue to present high-quality images time after time. Sharlene shoots her portraits with confidence and the results reflect her many years of experience. 


Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. – Michael J. Fox



Family sessions are captured naturally around our 6-acre property in Annangrove (Sydney's North West). Your family will quickly feel relaxed as we visit all of Sharlene's favorite backdrops of amazing Australian bushland. Many of her clients comment on the peaceful, quiet atmosphere for a property that is only 45 mins from Sydney's CBD.   


It's not a home without FUR-KIDS

Pet Photography can be incredibly challenging. Sharlene enjoys working on her 6-acre property to capture your beloved fur babies together with your family as they are an important part of the family too. 




With a strong background in portraiture photography. Sharlene is a natural in the preschool environment. Having photographed preschools every year for over 27 years. Sharlene is extremely organised and experienced and provides beautiful high-quality photos for preschool families. Offering colour photography as well as unique BW portraits for special times of the year such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas. We offer a very personalised service to childcare centres. Having a well-established studio that is boutique in size, you are sure to receive a friendly professional experience from Photos by Sharlene.


Commercial photography has always been a love of Sharlene's. Starting her career in 1991 in large commercial studios throughout Sydney City. 
Commercial photography covers a wide variety of subject matter, however, is generally anything that is intended for business usage.
This may cover anything from architectural images to food photography, product shots, business portraits and security headshots.
Providing a clear visual representation of a business or company is essential in the current market. Presenting your business visually will provide greater impact, especially when supported by quality photography.
With a modern, fresh & fun approach to the art of photography, particularly with the use of natural light to produce beautiful images and achieve high-end results for the client.


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