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Sharlene is an inspiring young photographer with an exceptional talent; she operates in the North West section of Sydney at Annangrove and has been professionally photographing for 17 years. She can be contacted on (02) 9679 2233 or by email on
Studio Address: 8 Boneda Place, Annangrove.

Sharlene specializes in Indoor/Outdoor portraitures: Children’s preschool portraiture, School photography, Graduations, Model portfolios, Formal wedding photography, Children’s portraiture photography, Grandparents portraitures, Commercial and Industrial photography, Family groups, Family reunions, Engagements, Couples, Pregnancy histograms, pet portraitures and Promotional campaigns.

What is AAIP? The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers is an association bound by ethics, rules and a code of strict conduct. Its members are the most professional in the country, Photos by Sharlene is a trusted member of this Association.

Sharlene’s Guarantee: Trust is important and dealing with an AAIP member relieves any worry from your photographic session. If something isn’t right it will be fixed. No customer should walk away unhappy. Sharlene monitors every stage of the creation, from creating the smile, editing the smile to finally seeing the smile on each customer’s face. Whereas a brush artist mixes acrylics, oils and pigments, Sharlene uses a different medium, using pixels, state of the art editing and archival printing to compose her precious canvases. Her masterpieces are outstanding; they capture life but have their own unique energy (see Sharlene’s web gallery for examples).

But what is ‘Real Portraiture Photography’? Tip: Real Portraiture Photography is not just snap and print. Real Portraiture Photography is an art which starts with the client feeling comfortable. No one is going to shine under pressure so once the camera rolls; it’s not just, ‘Well, I hope that went well.’ Sharlene cares and real portrait photographs come from classic poses and unique compositions. Sharlene knows her job and thrives on blending backgrounds, diffusing natural light into soft subtle colours and then adding pastels to primaries to allow moods, smiles and laughter to be captured; and if everyone has been good, a look of mischievous seduction can be thrown in for the camera (however this is only for the oldest of Sharlene’s clients).
As a further tip: no two photographers are alike, (like fingerprints) and ‘compositional expression’ is something born to you not learnt. A photographer should always evaluate their subjects and not use a template to rehash a ‘look’, each shot is precious, each moment captured and this art at affordable prices.

Annangrove is a beautiful rural setting, it is peaceful, unrushed as any natural bush land should be, Kookaburras laugh, Bell Birds chime, large concave rocks rise from the ground to cradle small groups. Here children frolic in miniature cubby houses while tall eucalyptus shade the surrounds. A garden setting is also available.

Services include: photographic session, proofing, editing services, evaluation, framing, albums, magazine style albums,displays, presentation and folders , collage prints, canvas, acrylic, metallic prints.

How does Sharlene Compare? Sharlene recommends all AAIP Members, however some are more suitable than others for example you should never choose an architectural photographer to capture a babies smile. If you want the best Children’s and People’s Photographer look no further than Photos by Sharlene.

Things to do in the area. After your photographic session you may wish to see … Historic Rouse House… shop at the Rouse Hill Town Centre where over …. Shops restaurants and Cinemas are easily accessed. Visit Castle towers again a Mecca for shopping and entertainment. Sharlene is close to historic Windsor (15 mins.) Richmond (20 mins.) Annangrove’e surrounding suburbs are Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Kenthurst, Nelson, Round Corner Dural, and Dural. Annangrove is approximately a 45-60 minute drive from Sydney’s CBD. Annangrove is very close to many of the local Schools. Annangrove Public School, Rouse Hill Public School, Rouse Hill Anglican College, Kenthurst public School , Hills Grammar School & Pacific Hills Christian School just to name a few.

Why book a session? With many years experience in Children’s Photography,Sharlene has been photographing for 21 years. Photos by Sharlene receives many testimonials from the clients love to let her know how fantastic the photos are. The sessions are so much fun, your children will come away from the portrait full of excitement as they would of had an awesome experience during the session. Time moves so fast, don’t hesitate to book your portrait those special moments will pass you by.

How much will it cost me? We like to update and have some exciting specials every month. Please visit the website to be informed of any packages or special deals. Our packages start from $600 to $1700 these packages are packed with lots of goodies.